Melinda Hooks-Smith

“At Invoke Tax Partners, we have an employee-first mentality. Our team is the essence of who we are and our biggest competitive advantage. Our employees don’t just make a difference — they are the difference.”

Melinda Hooks-Smith

National Director of Sales, Marketing, and Client Relationship Management

Core Values

Instilling a positive, enriching company culture is the essence of our strategic plan. We believe to be the best in the state and local tax industry, we not only need to attract the best talent, but provide them an environment that places what we value most at the forefront.
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We thrive on out-of-the-box thinking, solutions-driven engagements, and people-powered, technology-enabled opportunities that lead to unrivaled results.

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We blend relentless discovery of all opportunities with extremely detailed service to create the most positive impact.

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With a solid national foundation, we are agile through expertise, empowerment, and ingenuity to create and sustain the best client experience.

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We do the right thing even when no one is watching — in all our endeavors.

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From visibility to collaboration, our belief in the power of transparency is apparent and a driving force in all interactions.

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We are continually focused on executing the tax solutions we create. Execution is the key to overall success.

Our Greatest Asset Is Our People Image

Our Greatest Asset Is Our People

Collaboration, respect, and inclusion drive our culture at Invoke. We are committed to maintaining an environment in which no one employee is more important than another — regardless of title. We encourage open dialogue and a team approach to solving our clients’ challenges. Every employee is valued and every voice matters.

Our company structure and mentorship program promote ample talent discovery, skill enhancement, and career advancement opportunities to nurture your development. We know a positive working environment and professional fulfillment provide the space for employees to make the most of their personal life. We want you to thrive both inside and outside of the office and offer flexible work environments and schedules for true work-life balance.

Working at Invoke

Elizabeth Ramirez

“The thing I enjoy the most about Invoke is the people I work with. My coworkers are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and have made my career transition into property tax a smooth one. Whether it’s staying late to assist a coworker, or just seeing what someone may need, everyone truly works as a team. This helps promote an environment where we are happy to come to work, and in turn, aids us in providing the best service we can to our clients. We have great leaders who provide an open door policy for us to speak our mind. They want to see us succeed and are committed to ensuring not only the growth of the company, but the advancement of the employees as well.”

Elizabeth Ramirez

Analyst I, Shared Services

Dalton Burns

“One of Invoke’s clients encouraged me to apply for an open position when I was beginning my career, and I am so thankful they did. I began as a Junior Consultant and am now a licensed Property Tax Consultant. I have learned a considerable amount since joining Invoke and truly believe it is due to being guided and coached by the best in the industry. As a company, Invoke invests substantial time and effort in their employees through a well-established mentorship program. This, coupled with an unrivaled company culture, produces ultimate results from within all corners of the company and for all clients served. I am beyond excited to continue growing my career with Invoke.”

Dalton Burns

Manager – Real Estate, Property Tax