Though DCAD Site is Recovered, Dallas Appraisals are Delayed and Deadline is Extended: YOY Increases Expected

After a crippling ransomware attack in November 2022, the Dallas Central Appraisal District website has been recovered and relaunched for commercial real estate owners and investors.

Even with functionality almost fully recovered the DCAD office is noting a significant backlog in documents and correspondence. Because of this, DCAD is delaying both commercial and residential property appraisals one week this year, so Dallas real estate owners can expect to receive their notices of value around April 21st, 2023. They are also extending the appeal deadline through May 22, 2023 to accommodate the delay in appraisals.

Read the full article on the relaunch of the Dallas Central Appraisal District website and the security implications, here.

Dallas commercial real estate owners should still plan for a significant increase in their year-over-year appraisal values, despite the delayed release, and should be in contact with proper property tax representation to manage the appeal process as soon as possible. The Dallas commercial real estate property tax consultants at Invoke Tax Partners are expecting to see large increases across all asset classes, but noting that owners of multifamily, industrial, and office properties may be subject to the largest appraisal value and respective property tax increases without filing your appeals in partnership with an expert.

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