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Georgia Property Value Notice & Appeal Deadline Information

In Georgia, notices of value are released and distributed by mail to commercial property owners county-by-county beginning late-April and going through June, with Cobb County being the first notable release on April 22nd. Once property owners receive their notice of value, they have 45 days from the date listed on the notice to file their appeal. Because of the wide range in value release dates, the appeal deadlines for property tax purposes also vary significantly, ranging from early June to August.

Invoke Tax Partners recommends partnering with a Georgia-based property tax firm to prepare a formal appeal plan for all Georgia properties, as in certain counties, Georgia is anticipating double-digit percentage increases on taxable property values for the first time in two decades. This type of increase, paired with the varying deadlines across the state, has the potential to cause significant threats to the bottom lines of many commercial property owners and investors, so is imperative to ensure that all Georgia state and local property tax savings opportunities are taken advantage of.

Below is a list of when the major counties in Georgia can expect their commercial property notices of value to be mailed out:

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Georgia Property Tax Case Studies

Gwinnett County Office – Commercial Real Estate Case Study

State and Local Tax Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Invoke Tax Partners Atlanta, Georgia office provides commercial real estate property tax services, complex business personal property tax services, and sales and use tax services throughout the Southeast. Our team of Atlanta state and local tax experts cover all counties and taxing jurisdictions in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Commercial Real Estate Property Tax Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Invoke Tax Partners effectively minimizes the property tax burden for commercial real estate owners in Atlanta by leveraging extensive experience and knowledge of tax laws, processes, and procedures set by local counties and taxing authorities in the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas.

Our highly credentialed property tax consultants perform annual portfolio reviews on all represented real property to uncover property tax saving opportunities related to valuations, exemptions, and abatements. Through superior market data and a keen understanding of the nature of each asset, we examine each property from multiple angles to develop a comprehensive and cost-effective valuation approach. This independent property assessment creates a defensible valuation with documented support allowing us to professionally represent you during the appeal process. By engaging our commercial property tax services, our clients with Atlanta real estate are provided the tools necessary to achieve substantial property tax reductions and refunds, accurate property values, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their assets are starting off proactively being assessed each tax year.

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Complex Business Personal Property Tax in Atlanta, Georgia

The valuation of complex personal property in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding markets and states is a specialized process. Invoke Tax Partners provides a unique level of personal interaction and responsiveness to give our clients the peace of mind needed to know complex property tax matters are being proactively addressed. This continual communication provides transparency throughout the review, valuation, and appeal of our clients’ complex manufacturing assets, allowing us to minimize our clients’ complex personal property tax burden.

Complex personal property tax matters often involve multiple data sources with varying formats that detail many assets per manufacturing location. The expert guidance of our complex personal property tax experts in Atlanta is paramount when appealing valuations, undergoing audits, or proactively working to lower your property tax burden. Our Atlanta team averages decades of experience in identifying and capitalizing on complex personal property tax issues that are often over assessed, resulting in increased tax burdens for companies of all sizes in in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi.

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Sales and Use Tax in Atlanta, Georgia

Sales and use Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing and becoming more complex in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas in the Southeast. Our sales and use tax consultants have a long history of recovering overpaid taxes, reducing tax liabilities, and minimizing future state and local tax exposure by implementing best practices and technologies. Sales tax overpayment and compliance errors are common across all industries in the Southeast region. If the overpayment of sales taxes become overlooked, it can affect your bottom line significantly.

At Invoke Tax Partners, we have seasoned sales and use tax experts with the resources necessary to streamline the audit and appeal process for our clients. Our proprietary sales tax identification process allows us to guarantee a review of 100% of transactions provided, ensuring that no savings opportunities are missed. This sales tax identification process has provided a 100% success rate in locating additional sales and use tax savings for our Atlanta clients.

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The Invoke Advantage

Invoke Tax Partners is equipped with top state and local tax talent that understands the nuances associated with Atlanta tax laws and exemptions. With proactive and transparent client relationship management, Invoke Tax Partners works with our clients to alleviate state and local tax burdens across all industries using a variety of service lines. Committed to tried-and-true methodologies and equipped with modern technology, our sales and use tax, commercial real estate property tax, and complex business personal property tax consultants create meaningful partnerships to invoke the impactful results your business deserves. Our approach to developing proprietary systems and utilizing best-in-class software applications provides the transparency, accuracy, and security needed in a modern state and local tax landscape.

Contact our Atlanta team to discuss how Invoke Tax Partners can provide agile state and local tax solutions for your entire portfolio and operations.