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Texas Property Tax Cycle

Invoke Tax Partners’ team of Texas-based Consultants collectively posses more than 100 years of property tax experience in the state. The property tax cycle for real estate and business personal property stays consistent from year to year. Click here to see the important dates you need to be aware of for property tax deadlines in Texas.

Invoke Tax Partners, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is equipped with the expertise and experience that enables us to deliver comprehensive state and local tax solutions for clients in all industries. From properly classifying your assets, to filing a significant number of renditions and exemptions, we advise and advocate on your behalf, guaranteeing maximum tax savings and refunds. To us, a true partnership is formed when client satisfaction, loyalty, retention, growth, and bottom-line impact are the driving forces behind our day-to-day operations. Our firm will strive for operational excellence at every corner of our partnership to insure impactful state and local tax solutions across all service lines.

Commercial Real Estate Property Tax Services in Dallas

Invoke Tax Partners’ commercial property tax consultants are proficient in minimizing the property tax burden for our clients’ Dallas metro portfolios by using our meticulous methodology, advanced understanding of Texas property tax laws, and our decades of experience in the market. Through understanding the unique nature of each asset and superior market data, we examine every property from multiple angles to develop a comprehensive valuation approach that maximizes your bottom line.

When it comes to property tax reporting, Invoke’s transparency is a prominent component of our approach. Our best-in-class appeal management software provides 24/7 complete access to a client dashboard, in conjunction with a unique system that generates customized reports and metrics updated in real-time. While this access is valuable, it is only an enhancement of the overall personal client service experience for our clients with real estate in the Dallas metropolitan area. Engaging our commercial property tax services provides the potential for substantial reductions, accurate values, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their assets are proactively being assessed each tax year by laser focused consultants.

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Complex Business Personal Property Tax in Dallas

Complying with complex personal property tax filings in Dallas and the surrounding areas is tedious and expensive. Missing deadlines, or failing to file completely, can be extremely costly to your bottom line. Invoke Tax Partners has developed an approach that has built in cost efficiencies and complete accurate outsourcing with seamless transitions among services.

Invoke’s complex personal property tax team averages decades of experience identifying and recovering expenses on complex property tax issues in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding markets. We tailor services to meet your needs, from providing labor, to fulfilling compliance and rendition requirements, advising you on the most advantageous valuation methodology, and implementing the best technology options. Proactive and transparent client relationship management is essential in the property tax industry. At Invoke, we believe that our value is tethered to how we invest in the details of our client relationships.

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Sales and Use Tax in Dallas

The Sales and Use Tax Laws and regulations in Dallas, Texas are forever evolving, making the overpayment recovery process intricate and multi-faceted. Missed tax savings and compliance errors can greatly impact your bottom line. At Invoke, we facilitate the resources and experts necessary to fully leverage statutory exemptions and exclusions as well as conduct line-by-line reviews to avoid overpayment on sales taxes.

The Sales and Use Tax consultants at Invoke are experts in recovering overpaid taxes, reducing tax liabilities, and minimizing future state and local tax exposure in Dallas and the surrounding areas. We have assembled a highly credentialed team of tenured and loyal professionals with experience in Big 4 accounting firms, industry and governmental service backgrounds, and a wide range of industry backgrounds. Building a meaningful partnership based on trust is our top priority, and our professionals serve as an agile extension of your accounting department that is determined to achieve your goals and provide valuable training for continued success.

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The Invoke Advantage

Invoke Tax Partners specializes in providing extensive property tax assessment and management services across a broad range of industries in Dallas, Texas. Our firm has mastered the complex dynamics surrounding property tax valuation, administration, audits, and the potential to impact your company’s bottom line. We serve as a single-sourced agile extension of your business, liberating our clients from property tax and sales and use tax burdens, holistically, across all service lines.

Contact our Dallas team to discuss how Invoke Tax Partners can provide agile state and local tax solutions for your entire portfolio and operations.