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Texas Property Tax Cycle

Invoke Tax Partners’ team of Texas-based Consultants collectively posses more than 100 years of property tax experience in the state. The property tax cycle for real estate and business personal property stays consistent from year to year. Click here to see the important dates you need to be aware of for property tax deadlines in Texas.

Located in the heart of Texas’ energy sector is Invoke Tax Partners’ Houston office where our experts provide industry leading sales and use tax, severance tax, commercial property tax, and complex business personal property tax solutions for clients across the state and nationwide.

Sales and Use Tax in Houston, Texas

Invoke’s Houston team is the core to our sales and use tax practice and keeps us rooted in an oil and gas industry world capital. Our consultants possess decades of sales and use tax consulting experience and expert knowledge that is significant to our success working with some of the nation’s largest oil and gas companies. With the erratic tax landscape because of COVID-19, many Houston companies are continuously subject to missed tax savings opportunities and continuously increasing sales tax rates. Invoke’s Houston sales tax team does not allow our clients to fall victim to overpaid sales taxes and missed savings. We provide extensive analysis through our overpayment review process that allows our experts to review and analyze 100% of transactions. This industry leading technology enables us to better serve our clients through identification of misallocated and overpaid sales taxes.

When under audit, it is imperative to speak with one of our experts as each phase of the oil and gas production process has sales and use tax implications. Our team successfully navigates the complex tax laws and regulations through specialized knowledge of tax codes, processes, and exemptions in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our experts have developed strategies and tactics allowing us to take full advantage of all available sales tax exemptions and transactions, leaving no stone left unturned.

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Severance Tax in Houston

Invoke tax partners’ Houston severance tax team has the knowledge surrounding state tax implications placed on the extraction of non-renewable natural resources needed to augment Houston specific exemptions available for our clients. Our Houston severance tax management team uses a thorough preliminary review and financial data analysis process where we explore all documentation indicative of savings opportunities. We make the preparation of refund claims and severance tax audit reductions for our clients effortless by communicating our discoveries with taxing authorities directly. Our clients rest assured knowing all overpayments have been restored upon completion of our severance tax audit reduction process. Our Houston severance tax management practice has continuously provided our clients holistic tax savings and overpayment recovery to some of the nation’s largest energy entities.

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Commercial Real Estate Property Tax Services in Houston

Among the major cities in Texas, the largest and most populated is Houston. Houston is home to Harris County, a pocket with over 4 million residents, and the largest Industrial market for a stand-alone city in the state of Texas. Houston continues to clock record levels of demand with around 39.2 million of direct net SF positively absorbed over the last year. This property tax landscape, however, comes with vast variations and nuances surrounding its oil and gas centric market. The ebb and flow of the energy sector in Houston is a key determinant in the Houston property tax valuation process. Invoke’s real estate property tax consultants are robust in their strategies used to minimize the property tax burden for commercial real estate owners and investors. Our superior market data and examination process allow us to construct a comprehensive and cost-effective valuation approach that holistically alleviates the property tax pain points of our clients.

Invoke’s commercial real estate team has decades of experience when it comes to handling the stringent appeal process in the Houston market and its various taxing jurisdictions. Jurisdictions within Houston operate with strict ordinances and complex laws embedded in tax codes, leaving little-to-no leeway for property owners to change their initial notice of value or to move into litigation. Invoke’s veteran team of commercial property tax consultants are skilled in navigating these local nuances and using our expertise to create a strategic appeal plan resulting in fair valuation and taxation.

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Complex Business Personal Property Tax in Houston

Our Houston complex personal property tax team is led by professionals dedicated to utilizing the most advantageous valuation methodology to provide an extraordinary level of service to our clients. Our ability to maintain relationships with the right assessors or county personnel has become second nature, despite the stigma of consultant and assessor friction. A common practice for Houston personal property tax consultants is to prepare for delayed written response from counties with a ridged bureaucracy, although even in bureaucratic territory such as Harris County, our timeliness and agile approach has proven to nullify any delay in response to our requests.

From an appeal navigation perspective, our effectiveness stems from researching and understanding local markets, being familiar with the processes/procedures of local taxing authorities, and utilizing best in class software. We tailor our business personal property tax services to meet the needs of our clients by providing labor, representation during audits, and fulfilling compliance and rendition requirements. We are there from start to finish.

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The Invoke Advantage

Invoke Tax Partner’s team has the talent and experience needed to outsource all your Houston property tax, sales and use tax, and severance tax needs. Our firm continually dissects and analyses the ebb and flow of Houston’s energy centric market and local nuances across all service lines, making us experts in maximizing tax savings. Invoke is more than equipped in delivering the most impactful tax solutions in Houston, alleviating maximum tax burden from our clients.

Contact our Houston team to discuss how Invoke Tax Partners can provide agile state and local tax solutions for your entire portfolio and operations.