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Located in one of the most dynamic economies in the world, Invoke Tax Partners’ Los Angeles office delivers exceptional property tax services to the commercial real estate and manufacturing industries. Despite COVID-19 setbacks in Los Angeles, secured and unsecured property tax values are at their peak, making the decision to choose the right property tax firm imperative to the outcome of your company’s bottom line. Equipped with industry leading experts, tried and true methodologies, and modern technology, Invoke Tax Partners is a single-source partner for all property tax needs in Los Angeles and throughout California.

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Commercial Real Estate Property Tax Services in Los Angeles

The experts in Invoke Tax Partners’ Los Angeles office possess the superior knowledge needed to strategically navigate the unique property tax landscape of notoriously high prices and low cap rates on real estate in Los Angeles. These values can be hard to stomach for property owners in Los Angeles County who lack proper guidance and representation. The property tax team at Invoke Tax Partners brings decades of experience driving down values for our clients through superior market data, a comprehensive valuation, and robust appeal methods. Los Angeles assessors are notorious for requesting excess documentation from their taxpayers, which is why we have consultants who are trained to meet every information or documentation inquiry.

Savings opportunities in Los Angeles can require immense knowledge of tax laws and exemptions. Our team of expert consultants has a proven track record of achieving maximum property tax savings through our outstanding relationships, technologies, tools, and tactics. Our unique approach ensures all secured and unsecured assets are separated and classified correctly to prevent our clients from making double payments on any line item within their tax roll, a common occurrence in Los Angeles County and a mistake Invoke frequently prevents. A key to success in working with assessors in California is to make these adjustments through delivery of extensive research and data collection to back our claims.

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Direct Assessments in Los Angeles

When uncovering property tax savings opportunities within Los Angeles properties, we begin focus on the direct assessments tied to any given asset. Special assessments contain taxes placed on things like sanitization charges, sewer charges, vector control, and ocean preservation. Direct assessments in Los Angeles County are typically considered a superfluous tax that often go overlooked by other firms; however, Invoke is relentless in uncovering every detail of these specialty taxes to solidify state officials are legitimately subsidizing these line items. Behind the orchestration of specialty taxes are administrators hired by the state rather than the elected state officials themselves, leaving plenty of room for error within the assignment of direct assessment and their associated tax bills. Our consultants are granular in the examination of these special assessments, and relentless in our efforts to correct errors for our clients. Once adjustments have been made and refunds are distributed, the corrections are maintained moving forward, allowing our clients continued property tax savings year after year.

In Los Angeles, sanitization reviews often require special attention and expertise in uncovering additional property tax savings. Our well-established reputation and rapport built with county representatives allows us advantages in our approach with the Los Angeles County Sanitization Department, like the ability to lock our clients in at a low water rate for up to five years. Our Los Angeles team has experience gathering data on tracked water consumption used to aid our claims of over payment on sanitization. While some consultants are ruthless in their filings, causing counties to be weary of their claims, Invoke has well established trust with county assessors and the additional privileges and tax savings for our clients to show for it.

Complex Personal Property Tax in Los Angeles

Invoke’s complex personal property team is led by experienced consultants with a strategic approach to obtain maximum tax savings and an extensive background on taxation patterns and tendencies surrounding the Los Angeles property tax landscape. Invoke has decades of success with clients’ rendition filings, unsecured tax bill payments, fixed asset inventory, and valuations. When handling complex assessments on unsecured property in Los Angeles, we often uncover double assessed facets on our clients’ previous tax roll. Auditors in most counties will pick up everything reported on the assessment B-Roll without sifting through what is already being taxed or what items do not qualify. This causes years of overpayments for many unsecured property taxpayers in Los Angeles. Making these adjustments can be challenging, but with our connections, industry insight, and innovative complex property tax approach we swiftly make necessary corrections to adequately obtain property tax relief.

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The Invoke Advantage

With real estate taxes at an all-time high in Los Angeles despite COVID-19 and exemptions and savings becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain, making the choice of property tax representation crucial to your bottom line. Invoke Tax Partners is home to industry leading consultants who possess the experience, connections, and grit needed to navigate through the Los Angeles property tax landscape, allowing our clients fair valuation and maximum tax savings as property values continue to rise.