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2023 Allegheny County Equalization Ratio Information

The real estate appeal deadline for Allegheny County, PA is set for March 31, 2023.  This year’s deadline is very important for commercial real estate owners and investors due to the equalization ratio being reduced from 81.1% to 63.6%. This translates to a nearly 28% increase in the market value of all properties in the county at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2023.

Further, a recent court ruling which reopens the 2022 tax year to appeal opportunities is also in effect with the same March 31, 2023 appeal deadline. In this instance, an Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas judge ordered the 2022 equalization ratio to be reduced from 81.1% to 63.6% (this ratio is still pending). This ruling sets up the same increase in value scenario described above for the 2022 tax year, leaving commercial real estate owners and investors with additional threat to their bottom lines.

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New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Assessment Appeal Strategy

The 2023 real estate tax assessment appeal deadline for commercial and industrial properties in the State of New Jersey is April 1st. This deadline is applicable for filings to the State Tax Court. Most Invoke clients and prospects are filed to the court level given the higher assessment values of the properties we represent and based on our experience with the properties we’ve reviewed overall, we can expect most appeals filed to take place at the court level this year.

Our unique method is opposite of the typical approach taken by tax appeal attorneys in New Jersey. We have found over the years that this tried-and-true approach and the teamwork between the attorney and Invoke is the best way to approach an assessment appeal in New Jersey. Contact Invoke Tax Partners’ local office, led by 30-year property tax expert Jack Nash, for a complimentary review of your New Jersey portfolio to ensure your assessment strategy and legal team are best suited for the types of assets being valued.

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