Matt Fossey and the Future of Invoke

September 2020 – Matt Fossey, CEO, shares his thoughts on how Invoke’s culture is shaping the future of the SALT industry.

How would you describe your vision for Invoke?

A truly independent national SALT practice whose mission is to attract the best tax talent. We want to be on the leading edge of innovation while not losing the tried-and-true methodologies our clients expect and deserve. Technology can accelerate the starting position of how we deliver our services, but it cannot replace the human expertise so many in our industry have.

How does the culture at Invoke differ from firms you have worked at in the past?

The biggest difference is our laser-focus on doing what is best for our clients and employees alike. Too many of our competitors today are not independently owned, which creates inorganic expectations for service delivery. The drive to meet investor expectations and lending covenants on over-leveraged acquisitions kills internal morale and is ultimately felt by the client. This often results in high staff turnover and inexperienced replacements. The client always loses in this situation and I am proud that Invoke is reversing this trend. Our positive work environment continues to motivate and attract seasoned talent, bolstering our commitment to executing the best results for our clients.

What are you most proud of so far during your tenure as CEO?

I am proud of our ability as an organization to pivot like we did to go after the opportunity in the marketplace. In a very short time, we built a foundation to transition a super-regional firm into a truly national practice. I give the Invoke organization all the credit in trusting our initial vision and being curious enough to embrace and dive head-first into this new direction. It really has been inspiring seeing all the hard work and commitment our staff has put forth to get us in this position.

What interests and passions do you have outside of Invoke?

I love sports and competition. When I turned 40 a couple of years ago, a longtime friend and partner of mine started a sports agency together – FSM. We had a dream of helping athletes build legacies by teaching skills that allow them to be successful when their playing careers are over. It has been a joy and privilege to be at the helm of Invoke and FSM for the last couple of years. These endeavors provide the opportunity to stay fresh and follow the mission I set for myself after leaving my last company:

  • Always do something interesting
  • Always do something where you can add value
  • Always work with good people that have your interest and the interest of the organization in the forefront