Pennsylvania School District Property Tax Increases – What to Look For

July 2021 – Owners of all property types in Pennsylvania should be aware that many school districts and jurisdictions throughout the state now make it common practice to appeal property tax assessments seeking an increase in value.

Properties that are negatively impacted by this tactic include:

  • Recently traded properties where the sale price is above that of the assessed market value
  • Those properties with recent leases to credit tenants
  • Those properties with recently completed renovations

This practice is simply the result of jurisdictions seeking to increase tax revenue. Tax assessment appeals can be filed by county, township, and/or school district prior to the annual filing deadline (August 1 or September 1 depending on county). Property owners receive no warning and usually see the notice of appeal within 30 days from the filing deadline.

If your property is selected for this type of appeal action by a jurisdiction, Invoke Tax Partners has qualified, certified and experienced individuals who can assist.  Please contact us for more information and an immediate and complimentary review.

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