Property Tax Relief Available for Maryland Property Owners Impacted by Hurricane Ida

September 2021 – Maryland property owners experiencing damage from Hurricane Ida are being encouraged by the Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation to qualify for assessment reductions by completing this form. The completed form should be emailed to the property owner’s local SDAT assessment office. Contact information for local SDAT offices can be found here.

All property owners impacted are encouraged to act as soon as possible to have damage surveyed. Business personal property impacted may also be subject to property assessment reduction.

If the assessor confirms a decrease in value from either a form submission or an exterior inspection, a revised assessment will be sent to the County Finance Office and a new tax bill will be sent to the property owner. If the property owner’s taxes have already been paid, then a prorated abatement will be issued, If the damage cannot be seen from the exterior an attached form will be mailed to the property owner which can be filled out and sent back