Sales Tax Compliance

Dedicated Support for
SAles Tax Compliance

Invoke Tax Partners has decades of experience recovering overpaid sales taxes, reducing sales tax liabilities, and ensuring sales tax compliance for businesses across the nation. Our dedicated team of sales and use tax consultants are second to none in the industry, and through our offering of ongoing sales tax compliance services, Invoke simplifies an increasingly complex process for multistate organizations.

Our goal is to function as your outsourced sales tax department. We act as an off-site extension of your operations, providing the resources to guide, advise, and support you in managing your sales and use tax obligations, without the hassle.

To learn more about how our sales and use tax team can alleviate the burden on your sales and use tax operations to save you time, money, and risk, contact us for a complimentary sales tax compliance consultation.

Multistate Sales Tax Compliance Services

Over the years, we continue to provide a completely customized suite of sales tax solutions to optimize both operational needs and sales tax savings for a wide variety of businesses nationwide. A major component of this is our fully outsourced sales and use tax compliance services that fit your ongoing needs.

Our dedicated team of sales tax consultants is committed to providing the support and expertise necessary to ensure your sales tax obligations are managed and accurate. We alleviate your sales tax obligations through the following compliance services:

  • Managing on-going Sales Tax Filings and Payments
  • Monitor and respond to jurisdictional notices and other correspondences
  • Manage tax calendars
  • Complete state registrations and renewals
  • Customized reporting
  • Dedicated support and expertise

The Invoke Advantage

When engaging Invoke’s sales and use tax consultants for sales tax compliance, our team will manage all state and jurisdictional compliance activities to ensure compliance across multiple states, a function that is increasingly challenging for those with multi-state obligations. Our national network of professionals is capable of managing periodic sales and use tax renewals, maintenance of varying tax calendars for an abundance of jurisdictions, monitoring and calculating varying tax liabilities based on sales tax billed, use tax accrued, tax credits available, and preparing and remitting the sales tax returns in accordance with multi-state requirements. We are also prepared to handle all jurisdictional and state level audits to ensure a holistic and maximized sales tax savings strategy nationwide.

Backed by decades of sales tax experience, our team has developed a system which allows us to maximize sales tax returns and minimize liabilities nationwide. Learn more about our holistic approach to sales and use tax consulting and sales tax audit defense here.