Business Personal Property Tax Consulting Services

Innovative Business Personal Property Tax Approach

Complex business personal property taxes have proven to be one of the most threatening cost expenditures to the bottom lines of our clients. Several market factors and errors withing the valuation of machinery and equipment lead to complex personal property taxes being frequently overpaid, and taxpayers across the nation not adequately obtaining relief.

Invoke Tax Partners provides a unique level of personal interaction and responsiveness to give our clients the peace of mind needed to know complex business personal property tax matters are being proactively addressed. This continual open line of communication provides comfort in knowing no stone is unturned in the review, valuation, and appeal of our clients’ complex assets, allowing for minimal business personal property tax burden.

Complex Personal Property Tax Consulting

The valuation of complex properties is a specialized process. Complex personal property tax matters often involve multiple data sources with dissimilar formats that detail many assets per location. Patient and clear expert guidance is paramount when partnering with a complex property tax provider.

Changes in personnel, audit notifications, unexplained increases in property taxes, and unexplained fees charged by a current consultant are all noteworthy instances that threaten the bottom line of business personal property taxpayers of all sizes. To stay in front of and in some cases avoid these costly circumstances, our expert property tax consultants recommend a proactive approach to complex personal property tax savings.

Complex Business Personal Property Tax Services

Our complex personal property tax consultants have significant knowledge of the taxation patterns and tendencies seen in local taxing authorities across all jurisdictions and possess the relationships necessary to achieve reductions complex business personal property taxpayers deserve. Our complex personal property tax review process includes an analysis of the most historically lucrative tax minimization strategies, including:

The Invoke Advantage

Invoke’s goal is to minimize your business personal property tax burden by researching and understanding local markets, being familiar with the processes and procedures of local taxing authorities and navigating the appeal process. Invoke’s credentialed complex personal property tax consultants perform annual facility reviews to uncover tax saving opportunities related to valuations, exemptions, and abatements.

Through superior market data and a deep understanding of the unique nature of each asset, we examine every valuation from multiple angles to develop a comprehensive approach. This independent facility assessment creates a defensible valuation with documented support allowing us to professionally represent you during the appeal process. By invoking our property tax services, our clients are provided with the potential for substantial reductions, accurate values, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their assets are proactively being assessed each tax year.

Director of Complex Property Tax

Ellen Zumar

Director of Complex Property Tax

Lead Consultant | Business Personal Property Tax

Ellen exhibits a personal and professional commitment to hard work and precise attention to detail that consistently provides clients with a level of service that is hard to find in today’s fast-paced business world. She is keenly aware of the value of Relationships and Reputation.

Her experience includes extensive work in the manufacturing, printing and publishing, broadcasting, oil and gas, telecommunication, distribution, retail and hospitality industries.

Ellen’s many years of service in this industry have given her insight into identifying and quantifying significant and long-lasting property tax savings for our clients. Her success negotiating reductions in property tax liabilities across the United States has led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in property tax reductions.