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Recover overpaid Sales and Use Taxes, simplify complexities and reduce current and future liabilities.


Sales and Use Tax Management for Businesses

Sales and Use Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing and becoming more complex, while the frequency of audits is increasing. Overlooking these taxes can greatly impact your bottom line, as overpayment and compliance errors are common across all industries. The time and resources necessary to address these issues in-house is burdensome and costly, so why not enlist the help of seasoned experts to streamline the process for you?

At Invoke, we are here to build a meaningful relationship with you, not just complete a project. As your trusted tax partner, our national network of Sales and Use Tax specialists will utilize technology to conduct thorough, line-by-line reviews and leverage their local expertise and relationships with taxing authorities to ensure you remain compliant, avoid overpaying taxes and fully leverage statutory exemptions and exclusions.

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Sales and Use Tax Audit and Consulting Services

Our Overpayment Review proactively identifies and recovers your sales tax paid on exempt transactions. The potential to recover money is high, as vendors can charge sales tax on many transactions. Invoke has developed sophisticated software that allows our team to identify and review all transactions with sales tax paid on the invoice to maximize potential refunds. Because of this software and our refined approach to Sales and Use Tax overpayment reviews, the reviews require minimal client involvement and yield significant savings. We also recommend process changes to correct identified issues and minimize future tax exposure.

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If your company is being audited by the state or local jurisdiction, you can enlist our Sales and Use Tax specialists for Audit Defense Services. We can be engaged at any point during the audit process to represent and defend your company. We will manage the entire process on your behalf and work closely with the state auditor to actively defend all findings in your favor. Our involvement will result in sales tax liability reductions and maximized refunds.

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If you prefer a more hands-on service, our Managed Audit is a great solution in states that allow you to conduct a self-audit. You will be in control of the process while we help you follow the states’ audit guidelines, evaluate and implement best audit procedures, identify overpayments, develop defensible positions where appropriate, reduce interest and get penalties waived.

Our Nexus Study will determine if you are registered and collecting sales tax in all the required states. A physical presence or “economic connection” creates a Sales Tax Nexus, and companies of all sizes are being impacted. Companies who fail to properly register and collect sales tax risk substantial assessments, including back taxes, penalties and interest. We will ensure you remain compliant with the state-specific sales tax laws and help minimize exposure.

Many states offer utility sales tax incentives to encourage facility operations in their state, and our Utility Study will uncover opportunities to take advantage of these incentives and secure significant annual tax savings. Qualifying companies receive a sales tax exemption on utilities (e.g. electricity, natural gas and water) consumed to operate equipment and facilities. The study provides a preliminary economic analysis, facility survey, predominant use study, state filing, exemption filing and refund filing.

Our Best Practices Review and Training helps your company stay on top of all Sales and Use Tax savings opportunities and compliance changes. We teach you how to establish best practices through ongoing training of tax policy and procedure updates. Our customized Sales and Use Tax training ranges from basic informative sessions to state-specific training, process workflow, risk mitigation and tax matrices.

Why Our Service Team

Our sales tax consultants have a long history of recovering overpaid taxes, reducing tax liabilities and minimizing future state tax exposure by implementing best practices and technology. Sales and Use Tax exemptions and procedures differ from state to state, and our national network of specialists have in-depth knowledge of every jurisdiction’s intricacies and nuances and foster positive relationships with local tax authorities. We have assembled a highly-credentialed team of tenured and loyal professionals with Big 4 accounting firms, industry and governmental service backgrounds and a wide-range of industry experience. Building a meaningful partnership based on trust is our top priority, and our professionals serve as an agile extension of your accounting department that is determined to achieve your goals and provide valuable training for continued success.

National Director of Sales & Use and Severance Tax

Scott Schwertner

National Director of Sales & Use and Severance Tax

Meet Our Practice Leader

Scott Schwertner leads the Sales & Use Tax Team for Invoke. Scott has 20 years of Sales and Use Tax experience and has worked across the United States for some of the largest manufacturing, chemical and oil and gas companies. He has extensive experience completing refund projects, audits and managed audits. Scott has spent his entire career providing professional and ethical Sales and Use Tax saving services, and his commitment to clients has created lasting business and personal relationships over the past two decades. Scott holds a BBA in Accounting from Texas A&M University.