Sales/Use Tax Overpayment Review Services

Reducing Sales Tax Liabilities

It is common for businesses across the United States to pay sales tax and accrue use tax on purchases that are not taxable, resulting in an unnecessary hit to their bottom lines each year. Often businesses struggle to keep up with and take full advantage of the available exemptions for their industry or state due to increasingly complex systems and ever-evolving tax laws.

Even those with a sophisticated tax matrix can have errors within the tax matrix, can mis-code transactions, or may not have the time to analyze the volume of transactions being run through the tax matrix. With this in mind, the Sales & Use Tax team at Invoke Tax Partners have developed a proactive Sales Tax Overpayment Review process with the goal of minimizing sales/use tax errors that could ultimately threaten bottom lines.

If you have undergone changes in your Accounts Payable personnel, installed a new ERP system, implemented a new tax matrix, completed an acquisition, had a recent increase in tax accruals, or just want confirmation you are only paying what is legally due, Invoke Tax Partners highly recommends completion of a sales/use tax overpayment review. Contact us today by simply filling out this form.

Why perform a sales tax overpayment review?

A sales and use tax overpayment review involves the extensive analysis of 100% of purchase transactions by our veteran sales and use tax consultants. The recovery approach identifies best practice improvements and helps to correct exposure issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. Sales tax overpayment reviews are essential when undergoing changes in Accounts Payable personnel, ERP systems, and tax software, or when undergoing acquisitions or experiencing an increase in tax accruals.

The overpayment review process has been designed and refined to be non-invasive to the clients’ day to day operations. Invoke Tax Partners has spent significant time refining their process and proprietary Tax Identifier AI Software to make the overpayment review as simple, but thorough, as possible. The items needed to kick off an overpayment review are typically readily available data files and documentation, and much of the review work is done remotely.

Sales Tax Overpayment Review Benefits

The sales and use tax consultants at Invoke have expert knowledge of tax codes, processes, and exemptions nationwide, making our team the premier choice for sales tax recovery services. Our findings speak for themselves, resulting in approved refunds from state and local authorities nationwide. Based on the findings within the overpayment review, our team can provide comprehensive sales and use tax training, so your team continues to achieve significant refunds and will continue to serve as your single-source partner year after year. The sales tax overpayment review process has proven to provide our clients the following benefits to their operations and bottom lines:

  1. Recover Taxes Paid in Error – These savings can be significant and make a difference in a company’s bottom line.
  2. Correct any Potential Exposure – Invoke Tax Partners’ proprietary software allows for the review of both taxed and non-taxed transactions. Reviewing non-taxed transactions for potential exposure is an important part of any overpayment review. 
  3. Contingency Fee Structure – Most overpayment reviews are done on a contingency basis, so there is no upfront expense and the consultant’s costs are paid with the tax savings obtained.
  4. Matrix and Process Corrections – The findings of the overpayment review are used to correct any potential errors identified in both the tax matrix and the overall tax processing procedures. 
  5. Implementing Best Practices & Training of Staff – A post-review training of staff engaged in the sales/use tax process and implementing industry standard best practices can have a significant impact on preventing errors going forward.
National Director of Sales & Use and Severance Tax

Scott Schwertner

National Director of Sales & Use and Severance Tax

Meet Our Sales & Use Tax Practice Leader

Scott Schwertner leads the Sales & Use Tax Team for Invoke. Scott has 20 years of Sales and Use Tax experience and has worked across the United States for some of the largest manufacturing, chemical and oil and gas companies. He has extensive experience completing refund projects, audits and managed audits. Scott has spent his entire career providing professional and ethical Sales and Use Tax saving services, and his commitment to clients has created lasting business and personal relationships over the past two decades. Scott holds a BBA in Accounting from Texas A&M University.