Matt Fossey

Matt Fossey

Matt Fossey

Chief Executive Officer


Matt Fossey is the Chief Executive Officer at Invoke Tax Partners. Since partnering with Invoke, Matt has spent considerable time focusing on building the right foundation to support a sustainable growth and delivery model. The focus of this model has been around three major pillars: 1) Consistency 2) Clarity and 3) Discipline. With a company-wide effort to uphold a culture in which employees are consistent, clear, and disciplined with one another, those same values are naturally extended to client relationships as well.


Matt is a prominent fixture in the state and local tax industry. Leaving a comfortable Big Four job early in his career to join a newly minted national tax firm as its first Managing Consultant was a pivotal moment for Matt. Drawn by the company’s vision of shaking up a tired industry, which ultimately led to the firm’s swift-footed growth, Matt went on to acquire ownership and serve as a Senior Executive during two private equity holds. To this day, Matt maintains the mindset that the status quo is not a status symbol.

His personal trajectory has provided a unique experience with business development, sales strategy, and multimillion-dollar P&L management. As the National Executive Vice President, Matt managed hundreds of employees throughout North America. He provided key executive leadership towards the increase in firm valuation from $11 million to $150 million and consistently bested industry averages for EBITDA delivery. He also established a centralized customer service platform, sponsored a multimillion-dollar technology development and launch and reversed negative trends in numerous areas.

Matt has also helped several companies grow and expand through various strategic consulting assignments and board appointments. The focus for Matt and the companies he interacts with revolve around how companies attract new business, how they reward employees for meeting company objectives, and how they evaluate/train company leadership. These three objectives provide a laser focus for leaders and employees and result in a culture that thrives on a company’s only real competitive advantage: execution.


After graduating from Baylor University with a bachelor’s degree in science, Matt quickly established himself as an anchor in the Texas property tax community and went on to become one of the youngest Presidents of the Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals in its history. During his tenure, he focused on protecting taxpayer rights by advancing professional practice and ethical standards within the industry.


Matt has served as the President of Holy Trinity Academy’s Board of Directors and as an elected Parish Council Member of his church. He’s a reoccurring collaborator with France Media, Inc. and routinely shares his business acumen with various local nonprofits. When he can swing it, Matt also tries to maintain his scratch golfer rating through the USGA.