Update: Pennsylvania School District Property Tax Increases

August 2021Following up on our post of July 2021:

Invoke consultants covering Pennsylvania have been informed that several large property taxpayers in the state have received hearing notices indicating that the school district has filed a tax appeal on their property. By doing so the school district has deemed these properties to be under-assessed and should be increased. Taxpayers have several options:

  1. Ignore the hearing and allow the board of assessment to determine if a change is warranted
  2. Attend the hearing to protest the action
  3. Hire an experienced consultant who can guide them through the process

Our recommendation is to have a consultant in place to address the action of the school district.

Invoke Tax Partners has that experience and can work to mitigate any increase sought. Please contact us at your earliest opportunity if you have been notified by the jurisdiction of any action against your property tax assessment.