URGENT: Ohio’s March 31st Tax Filing Deadline Not Extended Despite HB 197

March 2020 – Despite Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s passing of HB 197, a veto has made it clear that the extension does not apply to the March 31st filing deadline.

The veto struck the words “or deadline” form the bill making the provision intended to apply only to criminal statutes of limitations, civil statutes of limitations, administrative statutes of limitations and other statutorily created time limitations in court cases. Removing “or deadline” clarifies that this provision does not apply to statutory tax deadlines or due dates, including those tax deadlines or due dates adjusted elsewhere in the bill.

This means that today’s filing deadline is not extended as the Tax Commissioner does not have authority to do so. For more information contact Mitch Wilson at (234) 254-0407 or mitch.wilson@invoke.tax.