Arizona’s SB 1093 Proposing Decrease in Commercial Property Tax Moves Closer to Passage

Proposed Arizona Senate Bill 1093 aims to decrease the commercial property tax assessment ratio to 15%. The bill would continue the 18% to 16% assessment ratio decrease by 2027 that was scheduled last year after the passing of SB 1108.

Arizona is one of 18 states that consider commercial property different than other classes, placing a greater property tax burden on businesses. Property taxes in Arizona are based on the assessed value instead of what the property could sell for. This is determined by applying the assigned assessment ratio to the limited property value.

“Arizona commercial property makes up roughly one-fifth of the property owned in the state, and yet we pay around one-third of the total cost incurred by property taxes,” said Tim Lawless, the president of CREED, Commercial Real-estate Executives for Economic Development in an article from Chamber Business News. A previous attempt to understand why the state was incapable of attracting jobs drew the conclusion that was due in part to uncompetitive commercial property taxes. Lawmakers and governors responded in 2006 by successfully lowering the assessment ratio from 25% to 20%.

An amended version of the bill now awaits a House vote. To read more click here.

If the bill passes, what should commercial property owners and investors in Arizona expect to see in their value notices and tax bills? Or yet, what should they expect to see if the commercial property tax decrease bill does not pass through the House?

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