Pre-Acquisition Property Tax Estimates

What is a Pre-Acquisition Property Tax Estimate?

A Pre-Acquisition Property Tax Estimate provides the detail necessary for underwriting, tax budgeting, and pro forma analysis preparation. Property Tax Estimates provide an accurate 3-5-year real estate tax projection that includes property tax discussion, various approaches to value analysis and corresponding tax rates.

Contact our experts today if you are looking to acquire commercial properties to expand your portfolio. Our team of pre-acquisition property tax experts has nationwide expertise to provide the most accurate and comprehensive reporting that will empower your team to make the best desisions for your investments and portfolio.

Why are Pre-Acquisition Property Tax Estimates Necessary?

Prior to property acquisition it is imperative that Real Estate Investors receive insight from a property tax consultant to fully understand the local market nuances and projected tax liability. Having a property tax expert implemented into the process provides investors estimated property performance and expected value associated with the property prior to purchase. Pre-acquisition property tax estimates assist finance departments in carrying out their due diligence by providing key projections and risk assessments, insight that is paramount at this point of the property acquisition process.

Data Collection Services icon

Data Collection Services

Property Details

Offering Memo

Trailing 12-Month Financials

Rent Roll

Planned Improvements

Internal Data Review icon

Internal Data Review

Review county documentation

Review internal properties worked in similar submarkets

Review multiple data sources to derive market rental rates, occupancy, expenses and cap rates

Property Tax Estimate Workup icon

Property Tax Estimate Workup

Build income model

Review data sources to determine valuation trends

Construct Equal & Uniform template (if applicable)

Review workup and compare valuation to similar properties in the same market area

External Client Review icon

External Client Review

Follow up phone call to discuss first pass of estimate

Gather any additional questions or insights from the client

Ensure client is satisfied with approach and methodology

 Finalization icon


Produce final estimate

Conduct follow up phone calls as necessary

Why Choose Invoke to Provide Your Pre-Acquisition Property Tax Estimate?

At Invoke we provide in-depth pre-acquisition property tax estimates conducted by leading experts who possess decades of property tax experience in all 50 states. Our property tax experts customize the report for each client depending on property specifications such as location, length of projection, and property type. Our consultants also identify the counties or districts most likely to trigger value increases after the transaction, so nothing comes as a surprise to our client post-purchase.

Our projections provide multiple value indications including income approach, cost approach, and sales approach. Invoke does not limit our estimates to one projection figure, rather, we provide reports that include most probable, best-case, and worst-case scenarios, as well as equity reviews of comparable properties. Invoke Tax Partners’ agile approach allows us to continually tend to the needs of our clients and alleviate their tax burden. Click here to engage with one of our senior experts about our unique pre-acquisition property tax estimate process.