Jerrod Raymond

Founding Partner

James Sutton

National Director of Property Tax

Scott Schwertner

National Director of Sales & Use and Severance Tax

Preston Bass

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Boozer

Founding Partner

Colton Berry

Consultant - Severance Tax

Scott Boad

National Director of Strategic Accounts

Tommy Caraffa

National Director of Sales and Marketing

Paige Cole

Director of Personal Property Compliance

Ian Doss

Director of Property Tax - West Region

Tim Doss

Strategic Advisor - West Region

David Dunn

Director - Sales & Use Tax

Rory Dyck

Director of Operations - Sales and Use Tax

Erich Feierabend

Director of Property Tax - Southeast Region

Seth Krchmar

National Director of Personal Property Tax

Katie Miller

Marketing Manager

Jack Nash

Senior Manager - Property Tax

Walt Rapacz

General Counsel / Director of Property Tax - Midwest/Northeast Region

James Sheridan

Manager – Sales and Use Tax

Cody Vandendyck

Senior Consultant – Sales and Use Tax