Cuyahoga County Informal Commercial Real Estate Valuation Appeal Window Open

Cuyahoga County commerical real estate properties are currently undergoing the sexennial reassessment in Ohio. The informal notices of reassessed value have been sent to property owners and investors, opening the window of appeal. All informal appeals for tax year 2024, payable in 2025, must be submitted to the Cuyahoga County Assessor’s office by August 30, 2024. After this date, values are solidified and your only course of action is to file a complain with the Board of Revision between January 1, 2025 and March 31, 2025.

Under Ohio state law, counties are required to complete a county-wide reappraisal of commercial, industrial, and residential properties every six years. View the complete reappraisal schedule for all 88 counties in Ohio, including which counties are being reassessed alongside Cuyahoga, here.

With an office located directly in Cleveland, Ohio, Invoke Tax Partners is intricately familiar with navigating the sexennial appeal cycle in Cuyahoga County and the rest of the state of Ohio. Due to the unique nature of the reappraisal cycle, we highly recommend seeking the partnership of an experienced property tax consultant when navigating your informal reassessment appeal. As a reminder, Cuyahoga County commercial real estate has not been reappraised since 2018, so property owners and investors can expect sizable increases on their notices of value, worthy of an appeal. Contact our Cleveland office today for assistance navigating the county wide reassessment.