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Ian Doss

Director - West Coast Property Tax

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San Francisco Bay Area Office

Central Valley Office - PO Box #2908 Turlock, CA 95381


Adrian Romero

Manager - Business Personal Property

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San Francisco Bay Area Office

East Bay Office - PO Box #66 San Lorenzo, CA 94580


Peter Villaverde

Manager - Real Estate

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San Francisco Bay Area Office

North Bay Office - PO Box #177 Novato, CA 94948


Located in the heart of the US technology hub, Invoke Tax Partners’ San Francisco Bay Area offices provide commercial property tax, business personal property tax & sales and use tax services to many of the largest technology companies, and virtually every other industry, including hospitality, biotech, food and beverage manufacturing, electric generation, office, and many others. Through the infusion of tried-and-true methodology, industry-leading technology, and key insights to local nuances and procedures, the Invoke Tax Partners San Francisco tax consultants are successful in their execution of lowering Bay Area property tax values and alleviating the property tax and sales and use tax burden for our clients.


San Francisco Bay Area Commercial Real Estate Property Tax Services

With San Francisco Bay Area counties delivering the highest possible property value notices, drastic drops in office building vacancy, and slow-healing economic recovery from COVID-19 shutdowns, commercial property owners and investors are at risk of heightened valuations and resulting property taxes now more than ever. The real estate consultants at Invoke Tax Partners are experts in navigating the aggressive property tax landscape and tax code compliance requirements needed to deliver impactful results to our clients in the San Francisco Bay area and in California as a whole.

Assessors in the San Francisco Bay Area notoriously submit extensive requests for information with little turnaround time, placing heavy burdens on companies choosing to execute their property tax appeals in house. Having our team as an agile extension of our clients’ businesses for property tax representation allows us to focus on the complexities and nuances of valuation and taxation without excessive overhead and disruption of daily operations. Invoke’s San Francisco Bay Area property tax consultants possesses the experience and knowledge needed to help report the lowest valuation for clients with new development throughout the entire construction process, ensuring only what is taxable is being reported. Post-construction and previously developed properties should also rest assured in our representation as we operate on strategic valuation methodology and robust appeal procedures used to prevent double taxation and deliver maximum property tax savings to bolster our clients’ bottom lines.


Our Commercial Property Tax Services

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Complex Personal Property Tax in the San Francisco Bay Area

Invoke Tax Partners’ San Francisco Bay Area complex personal property tax consultants have industry leading experience in identifying saving opportunities, navigating the appeal process, and embedding proactive approaches within business personal property renditions to reduce tax liabilities. Our team of veterans have a deep understanding of local assessment appeal board practices and recovery procedures that vary from county to county: such as the requirements for San Francisco and San Mateo Counties to timely comply with taxation codes 441d & 1606 and the completion of 571-L forms due annually on the 7th of May.

From a valuation perspective, our complex personal property tax consultants are meticulous in their analysis that identifies non-assessable costs components, quantifies obsolescence, and pinpoints any double-taxed assets. Invoke’s San Francisco Bay Area complex personal property tax team has decades of experience in presenting valuation cases before various assessment appeal boards in Northern California, and in providing audit support to mitigate risks and escape assessments.


Our Complex Business Personal Property Tax Practice



Sales and Use Tax in San Francisco

With the ever-evolving tax laws and regulations in San Francisco and California as a whole, it can be burdensome and costly to resolve all sales tax issues without proper consultation. Enlisting the help of Invoke Tax Partners’ Sales and Use Tax experts can greatly reduce the overall tax liability while fully leveraging statutory exemptions and exclusions for your company. Our team is led by seasoned professionals who obtain expert knowledge on tax codes, processes, and the jurisdiction’s intricacies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Building relationships on trust is our top priority, and our Sales and Use Tax practice has had immense success in recovering millions of dollars in overpaid sales taxes for some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s biggest names in technology and many other industries.


Our Sales and Use Tax Practice


The Invoke Advantage

With the aggressive velocity of unsecured and secured property valuations in the San Francisco Bay area, the decision on who to select for holistic tax representation is key to accelerating your company’s overall economic prosperity. Invoke Tax Partners’ highly credentialed team of property tax and sales and use tax consultants have mastered navigating the dynamic property tax landscape, alleviating the property tax burden, and achieving maximum savings across all service lines for our clients in San Francisco and throughout California.