Update: Two-Year Reappraisal Cycle Plan in Shelby County, TN Denied

December 2021 – Following up on our post from March

Over the past year taxpayers in Shelby County, Tennessee have suffered from major property tax increases, some as much as 20%-30%. In an attempt to soften the impact of rising values, Assessor Melvin Burgess proposed switching to a two-year reappraisal cycle. Shelby would have been the first county in Tennessee to move to a two-year reappraisal cycle and this plan was predicted to pass after receiving approval from the Shelby County Commission and the Mayor of Shelby County. However, the plan received a considerable amount of disapproval from the mayors of the seven municipalities of Shelby County and on October 13th The State Board of Equalization too found validity in those concerns. Thus, it was decided to maintain the four-year reappraisal cycle, and 2025 will remain the next year for reevaluation in Shelby County.

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