Mecklenburg County Property Revaluation Notices Delayed: Notices will not be Mailed in January

Commercial Real Estate Owners are Seeing Value Increases up to 40%

In an article released on Charlotte’s WFAE, it has been reported that county officials are informing Mecklenburg County commercial real estate owners of a reassessment notice delay as of Monday, November 7, 2022. The expected release date has not yet been determined, but the Mecklenburg County Assessor’s Office is expecting new property value notices to be released by mid-March at this time.

County Assessor Ken Joyner is noting major swings in the real estate market as a cause for the delay. Read the full article here.

Our Mecklenburg County reassessment team has noted that thus far commercial real estate owners and investors across all asset classes are subject to 26-40% increases, making partnership with an experienced reassessment appeal team paramount to achieving the lowest possible values across both single commercial real estate investments and multi-asset portfolios. With complex procedures and ever-changing deadlines, we highly recommend solidifying your reassessment value appeal strategies in advance of the new notice mailing date to ensure the best possible outcome for your portfolio.

Contact our Mecklenburg County reassessment team, led by 25-year property tax veteran Erich Feierabend, to review your portfolio for valuation savings opportunities you are likely missing.